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In Fine Fettle Therapy and Training offers  Personal Health Coaching for clients who are finding life difficult to manage. This could be due to fatigue conditions, such as ME, fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. It could be due to depression, anxiety or other mental health issues. It may just be that life feels overwhelming at the moment and you need a bit of support. Our Personal Health Coaching sessions are available face-to-face (in Penrith or Carlisle) or via Skype or FaceTime. 


In addition, In Fine Fettle provides Occupational Therapy to clients with a range of illnesses and disabilities. Our highly specialised Children and Young Person's Occupational Therapist is trained in Sensory Integration Therapy in addition to being highly skilled in postural management, seating, equipment and adaptations, developmental interventions and manual handling. In addition we have links with other therapists with skills in splinting, Bobath, and wheelchair provision. For further information regarding our Occupational Therapy provision please visit our sister site AB Occupational Therapy



In Fine Fettle also works closely with Total Train to provide up-to-date training in schools, colleges, and the care sector.We work jointly to develop and deliver training, providing clear provenance for any information we use, including the appropriate legal considerations involved. 



Data Protection



In Fine Fettle is committed to ensuring that all data received is protected in line with General Data Protection Regulations. For our full Data Protection Policy please click here