About Us

In Fine Fettle is a company who believes in the importance of providing people with any type of disability with the opportunity to optimise their capabilities. We do this in a variety of ways. 


In Fine Fettle is able to offer services across the Nort West of England and in the Borders of Scotland, having offices in Greater Manchester and in Cumbria. 


Occupational therapist and Mickel Therapist - Angela Brown Dip COT, PGCertSI, MRCOT, MCOTSS-IP, MCOTSS-CYPF. Offering assessment of occupational therapy needs in the North West and Mickel Therapy nationally and internationally. See sections on Occupational Therapy and My Mickel Story.

We aim to provide services to help our customers achieve and maintain themselves "In Fine Fettle".


We want to help people to understand the importance of looking after themselves and how to optimise their health.