What are CLEWS? I haven’t got a clue! I hear you cry. CLEWS are a reminder for people who are seen by a Mickel Therapist to try and meet their needs throughout each and every day. They relate to Maslow’s hierarchy of need and come in under the first and second levels of this. So what are they?


C – Creativity


L – Learning


E – Exercise


W – Work


S – Social


The theory of using the CLEWS is that, if you fulfil each of these every day, you are putting yourself first in your life. This in turn allows you to be happier and healthier in your mind and body.


In Mickel Therapy we use a tool called The Keys to Health. Key 3 is based on putting yourself first. You will often see memes around being unable to pour from an empty cup, or needing to look after yourself before you can look after others. This is what Key 3 is about.


Many of the clients I see are involved in care in some way. They may be health care professionals, carers, parents, teachers, volunteers. But the thing they all have in common is that they give of themselves, to the detriment of themselves. In Mickel Therapy we help client to see the importance of putting themselves first. This is not about being selfish, although it can be perceived as such by those who are used to having the client do everything for them. This is sometimes where clients can come unstuck and it is where the support of the therapist is vital if success is to be achieved.


One simple step is to ask yourself if you have done your CLEWS for the day. You could even consider timetabling them in each day. For those of you who bullet journal you could look at having them on your daily trackers.