Mickel Therapy




What is Mickel Therapy?


Mickel Therapy is a treatment developed by Dr David Mickel, a GP in Scotland. Mickel Therapy seeks to address problems linked to the hypothalamus gland in the brain. This gland is responsible for regulating all the systems of the body (maintaining homeostasis) but, when it becomes overactive, it can create a wide range of symptoms. Mickel Therapy has developed over the last 30 years and looks at how the hypothalamus is part of a network of systems that is involved with emotion. Mickel Therapists look to enable clients to identify the point at which they are suppressing a negative emotion, by identifying subtle changes in the symptoms they may be experiencing. The client then has a toolbox of methods to use to identify what that emotion relates to and how to deal with the situation appropriately. The symptoms then subside and the client is able to move on. 


Mickel Therapy is NOT a form of psychotherapy and does not seek to change our thinking!


Think of it like this.......


If you were to sit on a pin, how would you react? Would you continue to sit there, in pain, and think positive thoughts about the pin and what it was doing? Would you tell someone that you were in pain? Would you cry out? If you did all of these things but did not remove the pin you would continue to be in pain. It is only when you remove the pin that your body can get the message and stop sending the symptom of pain / depression / anxiety etc.. The process of Mickel Therapy is similar to this. We look at the cause of the symptoms, our emotions, and deal with ensuring that emotions are dealt with in an appropriate manner.



What can I expect?



Mickel Therapy can be completed via Skype / FaceTime, on the phone, or face-to-face. Each session usually lasts an hour. During the initial 3-4 sessions clients are provided with a range of tools which they then practice between sessions, and keep a record of their progress. This record allows the Mickel Therapist to then see what tools are working for them and make necessary tweeks to the methods used. Initially the sessions tend to be weekly, but as the clients progress the sessions become more spread out. There are some clients who choose to come back for a check in several months after their final session as they are finding an increase in symptoms. This provides an opportunity for client to ensure they are continuing to use the tools they have available in an effective way. 


One of the tools that is use is CLEWS, which you can use every day to help yourself. 


Where can I find out more?


If you want to find out more information please contact In Fine Fettle for a FREE, no obligation, 30 minute consultation to identify if Mickel Therapy is for you. You may also wish to visit the Mickel Therapy website . Here you will find testimonials from people who have been through the Mickel Therapy process. There are also Blogs from various therapists relating to their experiences.


You can also look at Angela's story.


How can I get an appointment?


To make an appointment to have Mickel Therapy, or just to ask a question please contact Angela on 07860 776988 or fill in our contact form.