Mindfulness is fast taking the country by storm as the “cure all” for stress and depression. Is it really that good?


The theory behind mindfulness is not that of “clearing your mind”, as often believed, but of focussing your mind. We all too often let our thoughts dictate how we feel at any given moment. Imagine if we changed those negative thoughts into non-negative thoughts. Instead of thinking about all the difficult things that we have to deal with we can learn, through Mindfulness, to focus our minds on our senses and not allow the negative and stressful thoughts to take over.


What is the effect of this? That is simple. We feel more relaxed and centred to then focus on the task in hand with a calm mind, rather than battling with the adrenaline of stress taking us into a fight, flight or freeze scenario. In turn we are able to function and complete tasks much better and more calmly.


So, is it a cure all? Not on its own, but it certainly is a huge step towards managing our emotional health and wellbeing.


We are able to offer 1:1 sessions or group training on the use of mindfulness. We encourage the use of mindfulness within our Mickel Therapy and each client has at least one session with mindfulness incorporated into their treatment.